Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Moe Thomas
In 2008 Platinum Back Gorilla Ent was EST by its CEO M.O.E.  On November 4th 2011 PBG Ent released it's first mix tape Mr. KRAK KUTTA.  One of the most popular songs off of this mix tape is M.O.E. featuring Rahloe, "Walk Like A Boss."  Take a listen:

Members of Platinum Back Gorilla Ent. consist of  M.O.E and RAHLOE ALEHANDRO, Lucky Buckz, 90's Baby, Tae, Polo Powell!  Their freshman mix tape introduces you to the Gorillas with 10 bangers.  When asked who some of their musical influences are TUPAC was the first name spit without hesitation.  The list of musical influences did continue with artist such as 50 Cent & Young Jeezy. 

If you like "Walk Like A Boss," then you have to follow Platinum Back Gorilla on Facebook.  Listen and download more of their music on Reverb Nation.  And of course follow them on Twitter @MoeRhandro.  You want to book Platinum Back Gorilla Ent for a show then email them at

Ladies, you know we asked your favorite questions!!!!! So,these fellas are single.  The like to wear boxer briefs.  And they love women who are Honest and have a sense of Humor.

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