Thursday, August 9, 2012

Two Teens Killed on Southfield Service Drive


I know that every city has its Sex, Drugs and Violence, but Detroit already has a reputation as the Murder Capital or the Murder Mitten.  Here is a prime example of some of the senseless violence and lives ended to soon.

Today on the southbound service drive of the Southfield Fwy two teens were fatally shot.  Three teens were inside the car.  Two teenage girls and one teenage boy.  The young man was the driver.  According to the police there was a dispute between someone in the car and someone in a Detroit Home.  At least two males from the home got into a black SUV and shot at the teens with at least two AK-47's.  The young man was shot and got of the car running and collapsed in a nearby field and died.  The second victim a young lady was found dead in the car.  The third young lady was not shot, but did suffer facial cuts from glass.  She will survive her injuries.  At this time it is not known what lead this dispute to these fatalities.  The police are saying from what they know at this time that this shooting was unnecessary and the dispute could have been resolved without this violence.

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