Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Are you that Ride Or Die Chick?....Yandy IS!

Stay Strong Harris Family 

So y’all know I have read some of Yandy and Mendeecees interviews for the past week, well you know since he has been sentenced to prison for 8 years!  Come on now 8 years, that's a long time. Yandy said her love is unconditional and she will stick by his side. I asked myself if my significant other was sentenced to prison that long would I stick by his side? Honestly, I would say yes but, I don’t know if I would really be fully secure with that answer. I would try my best to stick by his side but think about it, your kids are growing by the day asking where their father is, taking collect phone calls, sending money, and just the fact of taking full responsibility as there mother,provider, and father figure. I know the sending money wouldn’t be a problem I mean come on Yandy is a boss she dropped $600,000 for his bail the first time. 

I was reading one interview and Yandy said “it was getting depressing taking those phone calls 
listening to how the system is and so on.” That was only for one year so what she gone do for the next 8, because Im sure he’s really going to be calling asking about the kids and trying to get released early, and dealing with lawyers. I hope that they can get through this because I can’t even imagine my man being gone for that long and can’t talk to him when I want or lay next to him every night. I don’t care how much your man gets on your nerves you don’t like that other side of the bed to be cold. I was thinking though watching MOB Wives those women we’re dealing with sticking by there love ones which were doing hard time but I don’t think they really had a choice, I mean they are MOB Wives!! I wish Yandy and Mendeecees the absolute best! I have always loved Yandy from the beginning and I just hate to see her and her family go through this!

Im very curious about women who have been through this so if that is you please comment and answer the questions below: 

Have you stuck by your man while he served a prison sentence?

What did you do to stay positive? Did you have kids together? How did the kids take it? What did you do about your sex life? 


This Wednesday Midnight Strip’s WCW would have to be my boo! I mean ultimate Fashion Killa,
Gym attic, Entrepreneur, and Just gorgeous: THE ONE AND ONLY ANGELA SIMMONS!!!! 
She recently showed some body on Instagram this week and Fellas you will not be disappointed and ladies, lets just hit the GYM!!! (Lol) 


Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Help ME People!!!!

Once again blogging has been calling my name. But, I have a serious question, What does my readers want to read about the most? I love fashion, gossip, and of course music, Boring?!?!?! Everybody blogs about the same thing so what would you guys like to read about or be interested in? 
I was thinking to do more of what I love which is fashion and just go from there I’m so freaking lost HELP ME! 

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