Thursday, May 31, 2012

Eddie Murphy and Rocsi Diaz ??

So the latest gossip is that these two are apparently dating. He flew her in his private jet to the bahamas for a week. They were spotted getting some coffee and holding hands. (lol) I mean come on wht do you expect people to think  Eddie is 51, and Rocsi is 28 what else could they be doing. I really dont think its that bad but really Rocsi Eddie Murphy I mean I know his pockets is fat BUT!!!! Well the picture is below , tell me what you think this is "JUST A COFFEE RUN" !

Wednesday, May 30, 2012




Jessica Simpson Finally Had The Baby !!!!

 I know I cant be the only one that was looking at Jessica Simpson On TV Like D*** She still pregnant. I swear I was feeling bad for her, It seem like she was pregnant forever. Well On May 1, 2012 she gave birth to her and Eric Johnson's beautiful baby Girl " Maxwell Drew". She appeared on the cover of Peoples magazine with her newborn. She had a C-Section Delivery and it was successful. I also heard that she has entered a 4million dollar deal with Weight Watchers to knock off that baby fat.

Watch Out the Old Jessica Will be back Soon!!!

Also Don't forget that Jessica Simpson has a Shoe and Accessories Line to Die For !!

Not Rocsi And Terrance Too!!

I dont know if you guys heard or not but the The Duo That has been hosting 106 & Park For the last 7 years will not be hosting anymore. Rocsi and Terrance will no longer be hosting the show, I wonder who will do it next. But They are going on to bigger and better things. They made an announcement yesterday on the show that they will not be coming back for another season. VIDEO BELOW

All I have to say Is Good Luck ! 

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Everybody enjoy their Holiday !! Plz Dont Drink and Drive.. Smoke And Flyy!!! LOL Just Kidding But Whateva You out there doing just BE SAFE!! Midnightstrip Will Be Back Tomorrow in Full Blast New Post and All . I just want to say we have reached 4300views Already. I just want to thank everybody for their support. Soon their will Be A MIDNIGHTSTRIP RELEASE PARTY !!

Midnightstrip is not just a Blog it is an Empire and We Will be taking Over Soon!! 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Trey Songz: Pool Party Memorial Day

Trey Songz is hosting a Pool Party on Memorial Day and will be premiering a new song off of his upcoming Chapter V Album.  "2 Reasons," featuring T.I.  So be sure to cop a squat in front of your computer, tablet or smart phone and tune in to Trey's premiere at 5pm on Memorial Day. WWW.USTREAM.TV/TREYSONGZ or log in to his official fan page and watch.


If your anything like me then you like to stay out and about during the SUMMER.  While Summer will not be officially here until June 21st, there are still events and nice weather to enjoy.  Some of the events going on in Detroit starting with this Memorial Day Weekend include: 

MOVEMENT: ELECTRONIC MUSIC FESTIVAL Downtown at Heart Plaza May 26 - 28, 2012.  You can purchase a ticket for one of the three days you prefer to go for $45 or you can buy a weekend pass for all three days for $80.  They also have a VIP ticket for $200 in advance.

2007 Komen Detroit Race for the CureSUSAN G. KOMEN RACE FOR THE CURE.  This weekend at Comerica Park.  You must register for this event.  You can register at the event.  May 26th.

Of course families will be cooking out and partying at Belle Isle as well as Chandler and Rouge Park.  We hope that everyone has a safe and fun HOLIDAY WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


 Who is RUN JIT?  Run Jit was founded by 3 original members of Techno Ent:  Brandon "Jitting Jesus Genius" Hobbs & brothers Norman "Ace Boogie" and Marshall "JD" Darey.  Brandon and Marshall are taking The Jit to another level.  You still don't understand who RUN JIT is well read this excerpt from the FACEBOOK FAN PAGE BIO:

"RUN JIT" like "RUN DMC" can also be described as Revolutionaries of Detroit's Footwork cult...ure (Jit). A union of diverse talents with numerous dance styles, brought together to claim Detroit's dance supremacy. Solidifying a world wide staple in the industry, making the Jit as appealing, if not more than other underground dance sensations such as Popping, Locking and Break Dancing.

   Check out some of there work: This first video is their latest called BANG! BANG!
RUN JIT Opening up for Boyz 2 Men in Hawaii
Follow Run Jit on Twitter @WeRunJit
Like them on FaceBook: RUN JIT
Suscribe to them on YouTube: WE RUN JIT
If you wish to order a RUN JIT T-Shirt check out RUNJITSHIRTS.COM

Monday, May 21, 2012

Shoe Fanatics!!

I have been falling in Love with this certain shoe just because of its platform and it has no heel. So I took it upon myself to research the official Designer of this shoe and his name is GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI . Click his name to go to his official website. I have a few pics below from his website just to give you taste of the shoes I was talking about and his Style. The man is a fashion Genius!

These yellow shoes right above will run you about $895

Well I Love shoes and if I had the money I would pay so I cant say thats a ridiculous price.


Parents These Days !!

Did yall fools really put yall child in the washing machine. I mean really people we have to do better. This is a security video from a laundromat. These two grown people was playing around at the laundromat  and put they 18 month old in the washing machine. But The joke got serious when the washing machine locked and started spinning  and filling with water. They started to panic then went and got help..... (VIDEO BELOW IS VERY DISTURBING)  More Details

By the way the the kid ended up with a little bumps and bruises but he is fine. But what in your right  mind made you even wanna play around like that  with your own child. People really need to start thinking before they act, because this could have had a terrible ending.


Sunday, May 20, 2012


CARJACKING, UNARMED ROBBERY AND CONSPIRACY can get you life in prison.  Ask the three young men being charged for robbing and carjacking Pastor Marvin Winans. 

Suspects arraigned in the Marvin Winans' carjacking and robbery; Givens, Young and Moorehead. (Detroit Police)
Pictured l-r Givens, Young & Moorehead  Original Picture here
Montoya Givens (20), Christopher Moorehead (20) of Detroit and Brian Young (18) of Clinton Township, MI have been arraigned and charged with carjacking, unarmed robbery and conspiracy.  These young men will be facing up to LIFE IN PRISON.  When they robbed Pastor Winans on Wednesday they took his Infinity SUV, Presidential Rolex, $200 & credit cards.  These boys were caught on Friday and arraigned on Sunday.  Each has a Bond of $200,000 and Preliminaries are scheduled for June 1st. 

This crime committed on a popular Pastor has brought up two very important points of view.  One from Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy she states, "buoyed by the fact that this case was well investigated by the police and that we were able to charge this case quickly. However, with the proper resources this could be done in all cases."  BUOYED:  Cause to become cheerful or confident.
The other from Pastor Winans, "The city is fixable, and it starts with the men of the city, in particular the black men," he said. "And I ... want to urge all of you men who hear me to go and get your sons. I'm not bitter. I'm not upset. I'm saddened by what has taken place. But I'm also inspired. We have to make a change in this city."
What do you think Kim Worthy was saying?  What do you think Pastor Winans was saying?  I took Pastor Winans for what it was self-explanatory.  If some one was guiding the lives of the young black men who robbed him this incident would not have happened.  In my opinion State Prosecutor Kim Worthy saying to the police if you can solve a high profile case this quickly you should be able to solve all low profile cases this fast as well.
For more details CLICK HERE

Will Smith Slapped Who?

Lmao, This one was a Funny one! Will Smith was walking and greeting his fans on The Red Carpet In Moscow. He was giving a reporter a hand shake and the reporter took it just a lil too far and kissed Will all over his face. Will kinda pushed the reporter and got him with a quick back hand. I just thought this story was hilarious, because you was not expecting will to snap. People just need their personal space and see what happen when you cross the line. The man knew he was wrong though Will gave him a few passes but he just took it  over the TOP! Now see what you got SLAPPED!! LOL !

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

He Did It Again !!

Who Could This BE ??

MIGUEL.... I Love this Guy! I just wanted yall to be aware that he is back at it. With a New single "Adorn" ! This single is on The "Art Dealer Chic" VOL. 1 he has three Volumes To "Art Dealer Chic" You Can Download Them By Clickin Here   

Plz Comment


Pastor and Singer Marvin Winans was assaulted, robbed and carjacked at the Citgo Gas Station on Lindwood and Davidson in Detroit today.  Reports are saying these events happened at 3:20 pm.  Pastor Winans did not appear to be hurt, but will seek medical attention.  The suspects kicked, punched and ripped off his pants.  The suspects got away with Pastor Winans' Purple Infinity QX56 SUV, an undisclosed amount of cash, as well as, Pastors Presidential Rolex.  Pastor Winans informed police that 4 or 5 young men followed him out of the gas station and attacked him while he was pumping gas. 

License plate: The license plate number on the vehicle is 0DRT73.

Read more:


Lil' Boosie: NOT GUILTY of 1st Degree Murder

On May 12, 2012 Lil Boosie was found NOT GUILTY of 1st Degree Murder.  Lil Boosie whose real name is Torrance Hatch (29) was on trial for allegedly paying Michael "Marlo Mike" Louding (17) to kill Terry Boyd in 2009.  Terry Boyd is the brother of Rochelle Wagner mother of Boosie's 5 year old daughter.  Lil Boosie has been locked up since June 2010.  When the verdict was read Lil Boosie could be heard saying, "Thank GOD."  Don't plan on hear anything from Lil Boosie just yet, he is still serving 8 years for a previous drug conviction.

Official Video Nicki Minaj feat...Chris Brown "RIGHT BY MY SIDE"

Nicki Minaj premiere her new video for Right By My Side featuring Chris Brown.  I already liked this song, but the video co-starring Nas as Nicki's love interest.  This video is a cute one and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  Check out the make out scene at the end and keep watching to peep Nicki's Face at the end!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

WTF Did She really ???

I Love Flloyd Mayweather with his sexy ass and I dont even hate on nobody girl. Well most of the time I Dont But... With all the money he got "The Money Team" he let his Fiance com out the house looking like THIS!! Wait thats not the best part He let her wear that shit to the Mayweather vs. Cotto Fight Really she need to sue her stylist for making her look like a damn 1920's Fool.... BELOW




plz comment!!!!!

Guess Who ??

Nia Long Is so Beautiful to me even though she has not been in the spotlight, she said she is enjoying every minute of it. Shes ready to get back to work but she is so wrapped up in her 6 month old baby "Kez Sunday Udoka". This is her second lil boy so Im not worried about if she can handle him or not... But I do know that he is going to be a HEARTBREAKER!!!!!! 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Instagram Socialmatic Camera

Instagram Socialmatic CameraInstagram Socialmatic CameraInstagram Socialmatic CameraInstagram Socialmatic CameraInstagram Socialmatic Camera

Antonio Pedros has come up with the next big thing.  What is it you ask?  It's a camera made specifically for Instagram users.  Now Instagram users can take a picture, post to Instagram and print it out like a Polaroid.  The printed pictures will have a strip of  peelable adhesive.  You will also be able to gain followers by simply pointing your Socialmatic camera at printed QR Codes.  Pedros also invented the Apple iCam and iWatch2!!!!!! 

Apple iWatch 2 Design Appears, More Elegant Than Ever

Apple iCam Camera Concept Would Kill All Nikon, Canon and Lumix Lovers

Trey Songz: Official Video for Heart Attack

Trey Songz latest album Chapter V will be coming to us this SUMMER!!!!!  First Trey gave us "Sex Ain't Better Than Love."  Now he gives us "Heart Attack."  Kelly Rowland is starring in this video as Trey's Love Intrerest.  Famed director Benny Boom gives us another phenomenal video to watch Trey in.  Well, watch the video above and enjoy  :-D !!!!!

 Follow Trey on Twitter @TreySongz.  You can also get any Trey information from his official website .

Floyd Mayweather v Miguel Cotto May 5th 2012

In this 12 round match Mayweather vs Cotto proved to be a action packed fight.  Action packed from beginning to end you know that this fight is going to come down to the judges decision.  At the end of 12 rounds Floyd "Money" Mayweather walks away with a UNANIMOUS DECISION  as the Super WBA Light Middleweight Title And The Vacant WBC Diamond Title.  His record now stands at 42-0.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

You Just Gotta Love Our President

Obama On Jimmy Fallon

If you watch Jimmy Fallon, you know he loves to Slow Jam The News. But, this time he had help from Our Sexy Black President BARACK OBAMA!!

Plz People Dont Forget to get out And Vote !!!

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