Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Oh Yes Her GOODIES!!!!!!

Yall know I  been lovin me some ciara since Goodies! I Still have an autographed
 photo from her.. TRUE FAN (lol)!!  I love her and Future's relationship
and this video just made me like them even more.
 Im Glad to see them happy, so FUCK what a  HATER think because they dont matter.
Check Out the Video Below!!
Ciara- Body Party

Friday, April 19, 2013

Woman Gets Caught Stealing Hair Weave in Chicago

Really people we have to do better.  In the video it does not show her stealing the hair weave only the aftermath.  Sister's please get it together.  When you have to steal it; it means that you don't need it.  Shaking My Damn Head!!!!!!!!

Straight Man Gets Beat Up By A Group of Gay Guys for Calling Them F*gs

Straight Guy Calls Gay Dudes "F*gs" & Gets Mollywhopped By All Of Them Inside Wafflehouse!

After watching this video if reminds me of something that a lot of my gay friends say, "I may be gay, but I am still a man."  To me this meant that I maybe a Man who likes Men, but I still have the strengths and capabilities of a Man.  Don't get it twisted!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

That Song You Just Cant get out your Head!!!

Jam Of  The Week

This song has been stuck in my head all week and they been playing it on the radio heavy! 

Birdman Ft. Future, Lil Wayne & Nicki Minaj 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cassie "The IT Girl"


DAMN…. Cassie not playing this year! Ok Im not about to
sit up and lie and act like I was a true cassie fan.
I did like her when she first came out then it was like
she fell off like any other "Diddy Artist"! Then she Dropped 
The "Official Girl" wit Lil Wayne which was ok.

I had just got heads up on her New MixTape "RockaByeBaby" which i 
happen to be listening to now. I must say Cassie came harder this time, especially with the features. She got Wiz Khalifa, Meek Mill, French Montana, and Many More!!!
I still don't know if I'm fully on board with her music wise tho…. 

Be Yourself, Don't take my Word for it Check it Out Yourself: 

I can say the Girl is a trendsetter she's the one that got all these women
to start shaving the one-side of their head, yeah i did it last year too. (lol) Never again will I Do That Shit !!!!

Ok back on track  CASSIE IS ON THE MOVE!! She is the New Spokesmodel for " FOREVER 21" yes  "FOREVER 21" for the Summer 2013' Collection. This Collection features a lot of Vibrant colors, patterns and 90's urban. I can say that this was 
a perfect match to me!! 

Sneak Peak Below:

"Cassie Forever 21 Summer 2013"

"Cassie Forever 21 Summer 2013"

"Cassie Forever 21 Summer 2013"


Ads That make you go Hmmmm.....

These Ads Just Caught my eye I had to post. 
The Article was Basically shining light on the fact that 
they ban the most darnest things in school but guns.
 I don't know if i like the ads but, I do see the 
point that they are getting too.

Check Out The Ads Below and tell me what you think?

The Book "Little Riding Hood" Was banned from school because on the cover
she has a bottle of wine in her basket.

Dodgeball was banned in some schools because they sport
was looked at as being violent.

Plz Comment!!

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