Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cassie "The IT Girl"


DAMN…. Cassie not playing this year! Ok Im not about to
sit up and lie and act like I was a true cassie fan.
I did like her when she first came out then it was like
she fell off like any other "Diddy Artist"! Then she Dropped 
The "Official Girl" wit Lil Wayne which was ok.

I had just got heads up on her New MixTape "RockaByeBaby" which i 
happen to be listening to now. I must say Cassie came harder this time, especially with the features. She got Wiz Khalifa, Meek Mill, French Montana, and Many More!!!
I still don't know if I'm fully on board with her music wise tho…. 

Be Yourself, Don't take my Word for it Check it Out Yourself: 

I can say the Girl is a trendsetter she's the one that got all these women
to start shaving the one-side of their head, yeah i did it last year too. (lol) Never again will I Do That Shit !!!!

Ok back on track  CASSIE IS ON THE MOVE!! She is the New Spokesmodel for " FOREVER 21" yes  "FOREVER 21" for the Summer 2013' Collection. This Collection features a lot of Vibrant colors, patterns and 90's urban. I can say that this was 
a perfect match to me!! 

Sneak Peak Below:

"Cassie Forever 21 Summer 2013"

"Cassie Forever 21 Summer 2013"

"Cassie Forever 21 Summer 2013"


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