Wednesday, May 23, 2012


 Who is RUN JIT?  Run Jit was founded by 3 original members of Techno Ent:  Brandon "Jitting Jesus Genius" Hobbs & brothers Norman "Ace Boogie" and Marshall "JD" Darey.  Brandon and Marshall are taking The Jit to another level.  You still don't understand who RUN JIT is well read this excerpt from the FACEBOOK FAN PAGE BIO:

"RUN JIT" like "RUN DMC" can also be described as Revolutionaries of Detroit's Footwork cult...ure (Jit). A union of diverse talents with numerous dance styles, brought together to claim Detroit's dance supremacy. Solidifying a world wide staple in the industry, making the Jit as appealing, if not more than other underground dance sensations such as Popping, Locking and Break Dancing.

   Check out some of there work: This first video is their latest called BANG! BANG!
RUN JIT Opening up for Boyz 2 Men in Hawaii
Follow Run Jit on Twitter @WeRunJit
Like them on FaceBook: RUN JIT
Suscribe to them on YouTube: WE RUN JIT
If you wish to order a RUN JIT T-Shirt check out RUNJITSHIRTS.COM

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