Sunday, May 20, 2012


CARJACKING, UNARMED ROBBERY AND CONSPIRACY can get you life in prison.  Ask the three young men being charged for robbing and carjacking Pastor Marvin Winans. 

Suspects arraigned in the Marvin Winans' carjacking and robbery; Givens, Young and Moorehead. (Detroit Police)
Pictured l-r Givens, Young & Moorehead  Original Picture here
Montoya Givens (20), Christopher Moorehead (20) of Detroit and Brian Young (18) of Clinton Township, MI have been arraigned and charged with carjacking, unarmed robbery and conspiracy.  These young men will be facing up to LIFE IN PRISON.  When they robbed Pastor Winans on Wednesday they took his Infinity SUV, Presidential Rolex, $200 & credit cards.  These boys were caught on Friday and arraigned on Sunday.  Each has a Bond of $200,000 and Preliminaries are scheduled for June 1st. 

This crime committed on a popular Pastor has brought up two very important points of view.  One from Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy she states, "buoyed by the fact that this case was well investigated by the police and that we were able to charge this case quickly. However, with the proper resources this could be done in all cases."  BUOYED:  Cause to become cheerful or confident.
The other from Pastor Winans, "The city is fixable, and it starts with the men of the city, in particular the black men," he said. "And I ... want to urge all of you men who hear me to go and get your sons. I'm not bitter. I'm not upset. I'm saddened by what has taken place. But I'm also inspired. We have to make a change in this city."
What do you think Kim Worthy was saying?  What do you think Pastor Winans was saying?  I took Pastor Winans for what it was self-explanatory.  If some one was guiding the lives of the young black men who robbed him this incident would not have happened.  In my opinion State Prosecutor Kim Worthy saying to the police if you can solve a high profile case this quickly you should be able to solve all low profile cases this fast as well.
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