Sunday, January 29, 2012

NOOOO! Not Chocolate & Vanilla!!!!

Who would have thought that these two would even think about splitting.  They were such a cute power couple.  After seven wonderful years they are deciding to separate.

M.S.F = Her First daughter Leni (7) was not Seal's but he adopted her in 2009. They also have three children together Henry (6) , Johan (5), And Lou (2). 

To this day they are still wearing their wedding rings. But Why? I always thought when you filed for divorce or separation the first thing you do is take the ring off maybe its just me....... But we did find out why they Still wear them.
Heidi:  Just because we decided to separate Don't mean you have to take the ring Off.
Seal:  I still wear it, I think its a token of how I feel about Heidi. We Have 8yrs.
I Guess No Matter how big the ring or the "Package" Is that will not keep you happy or together But, Honestly I wish they could either work it out or at least keep a good friendship for the kids.

M.S.F = MidNight Strip Fact !!



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