Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Zimmerman Wife Charged??

Mrs. Zimmerman
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Shellie Zimmerman, was charged with perjury accused of lying to the judge she told him that they had limited fund during a hearing that resulted her husand being released on $150,000 bond. They lied about how much money they had. When in reality they had $135,000 from a website that was created to support Zimmerman.

A few days before Zimmerman's Hearing, shellie transferred $85,000 to his account, and $47,000 was transferred into his sister account as well. Well for yall not to have any money yall sure is transferring it around like they got it.

I just cant believe that he really raised this much on a website. Like he wasnt wrong. this just shows you how crazy people really are! But keep on doing stupid S*** Zimmerman you just digging your self a bigger hole and its not a good one !

For More Details Click Here.

R.I.P Trayvon Martin !!  

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