Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Detroit's New Police Chief: James Craig

Keeping Detroiters Informed... 
Meet Detroit's New Police Chief James Craig.  Craig is currently Cincinnati Police Chief.  His position there will officially end on June 22.  Police Chief Craig's official start date or pay rate in Detroit is not yet known.  His current position in Cincinnati pays $138,000 annually.
Want to know more about Craig, here you go:
Chief Craig has been serving as the Cincinnati Police Chief since August 2011.  Before being Chief in Cincinnati he was Police Chief in Portland, Maine for two years and three months. From 1981to 2011 Chief Craig served as a Los Angeles Police Officer.  In Los Angeles Craig served various positions from Recruit to Captain.  The beginning of chief Craig's career started in Detroit as a Police Officer from 1977 - 1980.
Police Chief James Craig is a Detroit Native he graduated from Cass Technical High School.  He then obtained his Bachelor of Science in Business Management in 1995 from West Coast University in Los Angeles, CA.
Take a look at Chief Craig addressing Chief of Police position in Detroit.


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