Friday, June 27, 2014

You are Special!

May God continue to bless you in the coming year with good health prosperity and wisdom?  Always remember you are special and very rare.  Diamonds have to be excavated a regular dig will not yield you Diamonds just dirt and worthless stones.  For the rarest Diamonds you must dig deeper be willing to move mountains to unearth it hidden beauty.   It is all worth it once you have found it.  When you look at its Brilliances it is Exhilarating.     The beauty of it is intoxicating the inner heat from the magma that help birth it can cause your blood to boil the coolness from the ton of rock that sat upon it and shielded it for a million years can tame the hottest flame.
The core of a Diamond is the one place where fire and ice can coexist and be as one.  A Diamond can melt the coldest heart or Ignite a flame long extinguished.    It takes a master diamond cutter years to fine the exact line to place his blade tapping it ever so gently and just right to release all the inner beauty of each caret.  One mistake, and will shattered into a million pieces of worthless glass, but taking the time to understand each line and every point will yield you perfection.  God is the Master Diamond Cutter and I know that when I made woman he was making a rare and priceless Gem and when man sees you there is no doubt that he is looking at one of God Greatest creations.

                                                                                         - Keith Smith

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