Tuesday, September 22, 2015

What to do?????

Oh so as y’all know I just don’t know what to do with myself, one day 
 I want to launch a clothing line, the next day I want to do Radio hosting. 
This is getting out of control I need to find something and stick to it. My mind
is all over the place between my beautiful daughters, relationship and work! I can never find time, extra money, or even a hobby for myself. But this blogging thing I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!
I love to speak to people and expressing my feelings over this keyboard.
I love to have a common ground between me and my supporters. The people 
who been rocking with me since the beginning of Midnight Strip! I have been staring 
at my macbook for about a week and just thinking to myself what was the reason I needed
 this beautiful Mac. Oh Yeah, I was a blogging fanatic I had a passion. I had a motive. I had a vision.
I had those big dreams that give you butterflies in your stomach you know, that dream that never goes away. My kids are sleep right now and I got my music playing and just thinking, there is a reason I’m here. There is a reason that my personality is like a magnet. I just can’t break this shell.
I was never the type to stay in the house and don’t shop often. When did I become this person and is it possible to get the old her back, get that motivation back, that hunger, that vision? I refuse to let this talent to go to waste. 
 I will be coming back soon to entertain my lovely readers and new supporters.

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