Saturday, October 20, 2012


Xpress is a magazine geared towards the LGBT community in Detroit, MI.  The premier issue had an article in it by Allison Batdorff called "HIV NUMBERS CLIMB AGAIN."  I was shocked by a lot of the information that I learned in this article.  One of the most shocking facts that was talked about was the growth of New HIV cases.  In the last five years there has been a 48% growth of new HIV INFECTIONS in Black gay men under the age of 30.  In Detroit 54% growth of new HIV INFECTIONS in Black gay men under the age of 30.  

Gay and Bisexual men account for 61% of the 50,000 new infections that happen annually in the United States.  There are an estimated 1.2 million people living with the HIV infection.  Because there are different strands of HIV and AIDS there have been new medications that were developed to help patients living with this disease.  There is a four in one pill that can cut down the amount of medications that one has to take to survive with HIV.  But the cost of this med can be up to $28,000.00 per year.

As scientist learn more and more about this disease and it's effect on people they learn more and more on how to fight it.  There are also new testing for detection of the disease.  You can now get a finger pricked and have test results in 15 to 20 mins.

There is a POST-EXPOSURE PROPHYLAXIS to arrest the virus up to 72 hours after exposure.  The FDA has also approved a PRE-EXPOSURE PROPHYLAXIS (PreP)! This medication is geared towards high risk cases and couples where one spouse is positive and the other is negative.

PEOPLE PLEASE KEEP PRACTICING SAFE SEX.  NO GLOVE NO LOVE!!!!!!  And please try to get to know the people you want to give it too....before you give it up!!!!!!!

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