Thursday, October 25, 2012

Video Footage of Lil Reese Punching & Stomping a Woman

19 year old Chicago native Lil Reese (affiliated with Chief Keef's GBE) was filmed punching and stomping a woman out.  It is being rumored that the woman in the video is his baby momma.  Which makes this situation even worse.  Regardless of who the woman is she did not deserve to have this disrespectful boy lay hands on her.  It is also being said that this incident happened over a year ago.  I don't think it matters when this happened all that matters is that it happened.  It is very apparent that this boy Lil Reese has some issues he needs to deal with and a lot of growing up to do.  

The video was uploaded to the Internet yesterday, by an unknown source.  Lil Reese response to the video is just as ignorant as his actions in the video.

Lil Reese tweets:

Lil Reese things like this do matter and it can bring you down.  It is also being reported that Cook County has released an arrest warrant for Lil Reese!!!!!  Let's see what will Def Jam do .........

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