Thursday, December 27, 2012

All My Babies' Mamas starring Shawty Lo

Shawty Lo is the founder of rap group D4L.  If you don't remember who they are they did the infamous rap song Shake that Laffy Taffy!!!!  Shawty Lo is in talks with the Oxygen Network to film a reality show starring himself, his 10 Baby Mama's and and 11 Kids.  I did not believe this either, but here's the trailer to prove it!  Check it out and you tell me how you feel about it:

From the information that I have gathered, so far this show is slated to be an hour special.  Which means that if enough people watch the one hour special if will probably be picked up as a full scale reality show.  SMDH, ROTF LMMFAO!!!!!!!!!
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