Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jovan Belcher Murder/Suicide Orphaned Daughter

Kansas City Chiefs Jovan Belcher
Jovan Belcher
On December 1st news was spreading like wild fire about NFL Football player Jovan Belcher and the murder/suicide of him and girlfriend Kasandra Perkins.

Jovan Belcher graduated from the University of Maine December 2008 with a Bachelor's Degree in Child Development and Family Relations.  Ain't that a bitch!!! Belcher signed with the Kansas City Chiefs in 2009.  Jovan joined the team as an undrafted free agent.  He was with the Chiefs for four years.  He did not earn his starting linebacker position until 2011.  As an NFL Starter in 2012 Jovan made a base salary of $1.927 Million.

Jovan Blecher and Kasandra Perkins
Kasandra Perkins and Jovan Belcher
It has not been reported how long the couple had been together.  It is being reported that the couple had been arguing over financial and other relationship issues.  Sports Illustrated reports that the Chiefs had been trying to assist the couple by helping with or giving counseling services.

Reports are coming out that the couple had been separated for a couple of months. Due to the financial and relationship issues.  Kasandra went to a Trey Songz concert on November 30th in Kansas.  She returned home at 1am.  At some point doing the early morning hours of December 1st Belcher and Perkins were in their home arguing.  Belcher's mother was in another room attending to the couples daughter Zoey.  At approximately 7:50am Belcher shot Perkins 8 times.  Electronic Urban Report states that after Belcher shot Kasandra he leaned over her body apologized and kissed her on the forehead.  Jovan then reported to Kansas City Chiefs practice facility.  He spoke to team coach and owner thanking them for all they had done for him.  As he heard police sirens approaching Jovan knelt down behind a vehicle in the parking lot and shot himself in the head.  The staff members who were there did try to talk Jovan out of killing himself and were unsuccessful.

Javon Belcher, Kasandra Perkins and Zoey
Because of the NFL's Collective Bargaining Agreement orphaned daughter Zoey will receive at least $1 Million dollars by the age of 23.  It is being reported by USA TODAY that for the next 48 months Zoey will receive $9,000 a month.  After 48 months Zoey will receive at least $4,000 a month from age 4 - 18.  If Zoey decides to go to college she will continue to receive these payments until she is 23.

Insurance policies in the amount of $1.2 Million will be paid out the Belcher's beneficiaries.  Although, Zoey will be taken care of financial she will not get a chance to grow and know her parents.  We will keep Zoey in our prayers.

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