Sunday, August 12, 2012

Chad "Ocho Cinco" Johnson Arrested for Domestic Violence

Chad Johnson mug shot after arrest.
I am a little behind on the reality TV celebrities.  I did not know that Chad Ocho Cinco and Evelyn Lozado got married last month.  But today's news has to do with last nights arrest of Ocho Cinco.  Apparently Evelyn found a receipt for condoms in the center of the couples Maserati.  When Evelyn confronted Chad about the receipt he allegedly a verbal argument ensued and Chad head butted Evelyn.  When police arrived Lozado had lacerations on her forehead.  According to TMZ Ocho Cinco told the police he butted heads with Evelyn on accident.

The latest buzz about this story is that Chad Johnson Chris Brown'd Evelyn Lozado.....LMFAO!!!!!!

Watch the two video's below.  The first video is Ocho Cinco being booked into jail.  The second video is his arraignment when the judge sets his bond at $2,500.

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