Thursday, August 9, 2012

Suspect Identified In The Shooting Outside the Detroit Princess

A suspect in the shooting that occurred after the docking of the Detroit Princess last Sunday night has been identified.  29 year old Latoiya Mitchell has been identified as the shooter in this event where six people were injured.  A family reunion that was going on turned ugly when Latoiya's husband Micheal Thomas got into an argument with one of his female cousins and hit her in the face with a glass.  Once the boat docked Michael Thomas ordered his wife to get her registered gun from her vehicle and to shoot into the crowd.  

Another woman fired back from the crowd and hit Thomas in the spine.  Mitchell got her injured husband into her vehicle and got him to the hospital.  There are video images of Mitchell and another female dumping her husband at receiving hospital just prior to dumping her vehicle.  Mitchell has been on the run since this incident occurred and is believed to be hiding out with family members.  She has not been back to her St. Claire Shores home nor has she been to visit her children or her critically injured husband in the hospital.  Mitchell has hired a lawyer and he states that he is trying to make arrangements to turn Latoiya Mitchell in to the DPD.

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