Thursday, February 2, 2012

Nicki Minaj's Video for Stupid Hoe Banned from BET

BET has decided not to air Nicki Minaj's New Video for Stupid Hoe.  Stupid Hoe is a single from her newest album Roman in Moscow.  I haven't heard this song played anywhere as of yet.  You be the judge listen to the lyrics and watch the video.  Do you think BET was right for not giving this video airplay?  There are plenty of sexual explicit or erotic videos that BET does play why not play this one.
TMZ cites sources that said the video — in which Nicki repeat the refrain "You a stupid hoe" over and over and shows what appears to be her bare buttocks — to be too raunchy.
 The top video is the OFFICIAL VIDEO version of the video and the one below is the Explicit Lyric  RELEASE:

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